Another runners and riders thread.

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Time for a quick fight to the death between the right wing headbangers and the right wing corporatists. Who do we think? Braverman or Sunak? Someone else?


Bring back Boris!

Snappy three word slogan, It’s what they seem to like.
They need someone to unite the party, someone they can all get behind. It'll probably be a turd covered in glitter. More "talented" than any of the current 365 daffodils on the Tory benches ATM.

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Two horse race between Mordaunt and Sunak....
I'll put my money on Johnson coming back.


Tory MPs are talking openly about supporting Boris Johnson to become PM again.
Horses have been busy kicking these twats in the head by the sounds of it.

Reports are that he is definitely considering it.

Does no one remember 50 ministers resigning in a day.
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