Artificial Intelligence: Future job killer or moral storm in a teacup?

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As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly advanced, the pace of its development has raised a number of moral dilemmas. With AI having the potential to change almost every aspect of our lives, there are serious questions to consider about the impact of this technology on our society.

One key concern is the possibility that AI may cause job displacement and economic inequality. As machines become more capable of performing tasks previously done by humans, there is a real risk that many workers will be left without jobs. This could lead to a widening gap between the rich and the poor, with only a small portion of the population owning and controlling the AI technology.

Another ethical concern is the lack of transparency and accountability in the development of AI. As AI systems become more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand how they work. This lack of transparency makes it difficult to hold developers and users accountable for the potential negative impact of the technology.

Do you think AI has the potential to have a faster and more destructive effect on our planet than climate change if we don't control it, or is the current moral panic unjustified?


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The job destruction bit is amusing IMHO. The Industrial Revolution destroyed thousands of jobs, but, also created jobs. But, they were “workers” jobs, they just had to accept change and disruption. This time round, a different “class” of people may have to accept change and disruption. Is that Karma?

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Pretty much every major historical industrial invention that lead to a new era such as steam engine, internal combustion engine, flight, computers etc have all been weaponised. So i fully expect the rise of AI to be no different. They're only worried this time because it might bite back...


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It has often been observed that if the current volume of telephone traffic had to be handled using manual exchanges the entire population of the world would be needed to staff them and there would be nobody left to make the calls. The principle holds good for AI.

Longer term, world population is set to decline from about mid-century for the foreseeable future. AI is probably the only credible source of wealth creation that could maintain living standards in a world with a markedly older population profile and a relative scarcity of young people. AI is the child of the mind that holds out some hope of maintaining prosperity without people needing to work into their 80s to make up for the lack of biological children.
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