Eric Zemmour - French Presidential Candidate

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Elder Goth
Why's he allowed his speech to be translated into English?

Pale Rider

Not sure if his Charles Aznavour reference hits the right note.

I only managed the first five minutes, but presumably if this bloke gets elected we can look forward to Le Brexit.

qigong chimp

Settler of gobby hash.
I find it a little strange that you have to look me up. Sad and infantile, but this is what we get from you and nothing more. Not sure that I look like an Orc either but who knows eh. Pic taken on a 200 km ride in March 2019 btw. Have you done anything of note regarding cycling or do you just pop around on a bso to Uni and back, when you’re not hanging out the back of your bf obviously. View attachment 312
I didn't look you up. I've no interest in you. I hadn't known your forum handle is a sectarian, anti-Irish song.
And it's Zemmour who resembles a runty orc, obviously. It's not all about you, you sullen, blethering, dim narcissist.

qigong chimp

Settler of gobby hash.
That's the distance I ride to the start of the LEL.


Old man on a bike. Not a member of a clique.
South Tyneside
Well, I see the ball has gone well and truly out of the stadium. Whats more there are "likes" for it, but, no comment on those "likes", but, "my laugh" is commented upon. Strange old world.


This will probably have most of you spitting your soy lattes out, but it`s an interesting speech.


Vive la France

In what way is it 'interesting' though
beyond documenting the 'thoughts' of an unashamed xenaphobe, clearly pining for a time of uncontested white 'supremacy' in a France, that was never was...

Liberté égalité fraternité only extend so far in his book right??

I grant you these are aspirations , rather than achievements just yet..

So what's he advocating for anyway??

Some kind of ethnic cleansing??

He does seem rather over keen to project his 'thoughts' onto the rest of the French population, though doesn't he..

"You think" '"You will have noticed'" etc etc..

But curiously he can't make eye contact - at any in point - is he actually a bit ashamed??

He can't actually take full ownership of his nasty, small minded views??

Sure, there are nasty little racists

(and yes this one does have a noticeable resemblance to an orc, once it's drawn to ones attention.)

Everywhere, sadly yes there are these types of people, nearly everywhere, so that's not a massive revelation, to anyone here.

By the way, while you're here, any chance you leave out the homophobia as well.??

We're not so keen on that sort of bigotry thing, over here on 'Oh so Uncivilised' NACA

But do please have a special sticker for riding your bicycle sometimes 🌸

Jolly well done !!!
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