Forum software update?

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It all looks subtly different. I presume this little outpost is being used as a test site..?

I hope it fixes the text selection bug. :smile:


To answer my own post, yes it does seem to have done so. The main site, same browser but different tab, is still flakey but this one seems fine now. iOS 15.1, Safari.

Thanks :okay:


Sorry, I won’t be offended if you move this thread. I didn’t spot the separate support sub-forum.
Your thread is fine here - no need to move it - just signposting the support forum for anyone who spots anything or has any questions or issues. :smile:

I've still got quite a few things to tweak, and some add-ons to upgrade and test, but they'll have to wait a day or two.

I'm happy with the result (so far), but it's been several solid days of background work before pushing the button ... :addict:


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I'm not a fan of loss of time/date stamp either , is there a back end reason to remove them ?
test test test, ok works in Chrome, in the Opera(Chrome based browser) i don't have the post button anymore since yesterday, temporaly disabled all extensions didn't make a difference. If i refresh frequently i see the post button appear very briefly before disappearing again.
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