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So now Labour are in power. If they have to make unpopular decisions in the near future, they will blame it on the state of the country left by the Tories ( as the Tories would and did do when boot was on the other foot).

How long does it take before a government have to accept that they are responsible for having to make unpopular decisions? Effectively I am saying how long does the country give a new government as a honeymoon period?

Its a while since we had a total change of government - in 2010 we ended up with a hung Parliament and then in 20-15 it transformed to Tory, then after that until today it was Tory replacing Tory.

The last direct change from one major party to the other was in 1997 when Labour replaced the Tories


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Politicians will always blame anyone but themselves. But, in terms of public disquiet, it is difficult to put a timescale on it, gradually, the new lot will have their scandals etc, and, they will find you cannot keep all the people happy all the time. If I had to guess, 2-3 years ?

I think this time around, Farage (love him or loathe him) will ferment dissatisfaction. He is very adept at clickbait type coverage, and, despite the stereotype’s, a lot of former Labour supporters must have voted Reform, judging by the results in the area I live in.
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The current situation feels a bit different than Blair's win. You've got 4 independents elected on one issue, Gaza, 4 elected on one issue, immigration, and Labour getting a landslide on around the same number of votes they lost on last time. I think maybe 2 years before disillusionment sets in, though it depends how effective the opposition is of course.
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Reform won't let labour waffle about immigration figures.

Kemi Badenoch, I expect will be leader soon


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It'd be funny if it was Badenoch. She'd dig the Conservatives into an even deeper hole.

Hunt possibly, or Atkins.




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