Merry Christmas


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Quite right too. 😀

Xipe Totec

Half man, half ant... ALL TERROR!
Feliz Navidad to the lot of you, whatever your political allegiances may be! 🙂


Welcome yourself into the new modern crisis
Heard this on the radio. Might it be, er, trending?

I dunno, it's weird. I've never heard the expression in 44 years and now all of a sudden it seems to be all over the place.

Oh yeah, and do buy presents from the Oxfam shop. Don't buy into the consumerist materialistic nonsense, second hand or repurposed gifts are a perfectly fine and ethical choice. Just try not to be a daffodil about it.

Ian H

Hope you all enjoy yourselves.

Xipe Totec

Half man, half ant... ALL TERROR!
Why is everybody saying that this year?
Didn't know they were - prior to Covid Hell it was becoming a fairly regular occurence chez Totec to decamp to Gran Canaria for sunsine & cycling over the festives, so for me it harks (a little tearfully) back to the Before Times, in the Long, Long Ago & Far, Far Away.
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