NACA closure questions.

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@Shaun A few questions about ’driving’ people to this site.
1. Is the aim to have a permanent popular forum here and to drive people to this site from CC, or is the idea to give people a temporary site to vent and have it slowly die as people don’t visit so much and don’t post?
2. When NACA closes on the main site and the topics deleted will there be a sticky posted to point interested parties here?
3. When topics become too fruity for the main CC site and they get locked will the mods point people here so the discussion can continue?
4. Can non-mods point people to this site from CC when they think a CC topic should really be here?

Basically I am asking if we treat this similarly to the helmet forum, where people are directed to post in the right place and the main CC forum is kept clean, or is this forum unmentionable on CC?


It's simple really, I don't want personal political debate on CC anymore (as per my announcement) - so this site is an opportunity for those of you who do want it, to manage it yourselves and try to make it work - a la the feedback on the knackered thread. It's a blank canvas and hasn't been set-up to fail. How things work out will really be down to the membership.

I've stuck my post about this site to the top of NACA so most of the regulars should see it, and don't have a problem with members telling each other about it, but I haven't decided on whether or how I'll link to it just yet - let's see how it shapes up over the next few weeks.
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