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Johnson can rot in hell. That brings back memories of a close friend whose wife was admitted to hospital during the pandemic for non COVID reasons, but who was only allowed by her side when the hospital could do no more for her.

Indeed. Someone I know had to dress in full PPE to sit next to his dying father. I can't imagine what that must have been like.


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I wasn't even allowed to visit my dying father. One visitor only, which was one of my sisters. And dad didn't even have covid and wasn't in a covid ward.

Same with my wife and her dad. Who was in hospital for 5 weeks dying of cancer.
Only one nominated visitor allowed for the entire duration of his stay. So my wife was the “lucky” visitor. Her mum and brother couldn’t visit for the entire 5 weeks.
She is totally conflicted, in that she took on a huge burden which still bothers her now. But also feels guilty that the others couldn’t visit.
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