Teams meetings

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Craig the cyclist

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How are you finding years of Teams meetings?

I have just been asked a question in the chat, and realised with a terrifying start that I haven't been listening for about 40 minutes.

On the upside, there is now a 'soft-focus' function which means you won't look so bloody dreadful when on camera.


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I have found similar to what you mention. Unless leading the meeting, it's a bit too easy to zone out or get distracted for internal meetings. Particularly with the camera off.
External meetings less so, but for some reason, there is a lesser level adrenaline than for a face to face meeting.


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Not a problem....not returned to the office at all yet, over 2.5yrs of working from home and find them great. I use the video call button as if i was sat in the office next to my colleagues. As we agreed we would all keep the chats open everyday to interact and make sure everyone is ok.

Then if i need to talk to some one personally, i just click the video button......and we chat away


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We're very excited because we've finally worked out how to use the fancy new camera in the seminar room which follows you around. That's quite fun. Most teams meetings I'm in also involve the people I share an office with which is a bit weird with the latency when they're speaking.


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Have been retired for 15 years, so, thankfully, meeting are a dim and distant memory, or, occasional nightmare, but, they were usually a dreadful waste of time, even 'face to face', I cannot imagine that Teams or any other online tool has improved them.
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