The police had a bad night last night.

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Not wishing to knock the police and the - sometimes - great work they do but last night showed them at their worst.

Simultaneously on three of the main terrestrial TV channels, we saw 1) a documentary about the failure of the police in Glasgow to catch 'Bible John' the Barrowlands murderer. 2) The total incompetence of the Barking and Dagenham division of the Met when their dismissal of the first murder was directly attributable to the next three murders and 3) The victim-blaming of the South Yorkshire police in their shameful treatment of the football supporters suffocated to death in the open air at Hillsborough.

In numbers 2 and 3, it took bereaved members of the victims to ensure the police didn't get away with this although it was stated that at least five of the officers in the Dagenham/Barking one received subsequent promotions.
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