The US technological war on China.

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This is something I find hard to get into alignment. The US led ban on 5G telecoms has been very costly for the UK as might be the ramping up of further and further US tech sanctions.

However, the fight against climate change relies on China tech for most solar cell production and a very large percentage of wind turbine content.
Would not finding ways to woo a 'different' regime be a safer way forward if climate disaster looks the main winner?

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This is something I find hard to get into alignment.

Alignment? Saw this gem the other day:

"US foreign policy in a gist:

US on sanctioning Russian oil? Let's get China and India onboard to implement a price cap and put aside our differences for a while for this mutual benefit.

US on containing China's rise? Let's get Arab countries onboard to ostracize China and its Xinjiang policy! Com'on, it's your Muslim brethen!

US on OPEC+ cutting oil production? Let's talk to Iran and Venezuela and see if they do us a favor and pump more oil.

US on Iran? Let's strengthen our alliance with Saudi and ostracize Iran, sanction anyone who tries to deal with Iran, like China and their tech firms!

US on Venezuela? We don't recognize your government because your had a sham election and we officially recognize your exile opposition leader Guaido as the leader. Our people also tried to assassinate you earlier but hey, it didn't work, so it's all water under the bridge OK?"

Meanwhile, US policy on Humanity? What climate change? We have succeeded in recreating the Cuban missile crisis! With a bit of luck, we will all be able to experience WW3!
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