WaitWhatHuh!? Part 4

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The sheer delusion and gullibility of Tory supporters is such that you can only feel compassion for them.

View: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhYg1zGhXn4

'Why should people vote for the Conservatives?'

'Because we're very good with the economy.' :wacko:

TBH, many of them really struggled to answer that question properly and most of them just bluffed and danced around the question.

Forward thinking with the economy? Truss is simply supercharging ideas that were the basis of Thatcherism and "forward thinking" about 40 years ago. They aren't "forward thinking" at all. They are simply re-applying theories from a different world and hoping it works. In fact one the things that really strikes me on their economic policy is that it is so stale.


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Yup - the main promise of austerity was to reduce the deficit and pay down the national debt

by cutting public spending (i.e. services) so we can spend the money we save on paying off the debt

simple economics - direct out of Thatcher's explanation of how running the UK economy is the same as running a household budget

except that it doesn;t work like that

and austerity didn't pay off the debt at all

but they still have the absolute gall to claim they are the party that is good with the economy!!

and if I ever go a month without some Tory or other mentioning "the note" and blaming the last labour government for the global credit crunch
then I will go dancing up the street naked - or something
doesn't matter because it won't happen!!

there - I said it!
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