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Looks like we have a new troll on board.

Already on my ignore list and he/she/it only joined this morning, my time.

You replied to every post. Why feed it?

Salty seadog

Senior Member
Yep, the ignore button works for me. Occasionally I click the "show ignored content" button but immediately regret it.

Never had anyone on ignore. Just consciously don't respond much to little boys.

Rusty Nails

Country Member
I object to the lack of apostrophes, particularly possessive and omissive apostrophes.

All too common on this forum.
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Old man on a bike. Not a member of a clique.
South Tyneside
The system says they joined 19th May.
Only started posting today.

May have joined here in May, but, in the 'other place' since March 2022, a boring old man from the North West, apparently (his words, not mine).

His posts on "the other side" seem "normal", perhaps it is something in the air here?
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