You can take this job and shove it..

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Salty seadog

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Beth and Shana tell Walmart and their pervert managers what they think of their crappy jobs


I'll be first.


Craig the cyclist

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Novel way to resign, but hey I can call someone anything I like if I know there is no right to reply.

You often see people stood in front of hospitals with their sad hospital faces on, saying 'look how badly my dear old mum was treated', you never hear the other side though. In this case she can call someone a pervert, a big accusation, but based on what exactly, we will never know. If she wants to resign in public, just go on the tannoy and resign. We will never know if she was being disciplined for punching a customer, or if was late every day for a month, or any other thing. We just get a short video of her being abusive. Yay, go USA.
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