You can't fix stupid

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They do move in herds!


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The bizarre thing is that they are singing a protest song (presumably) where you can't make out the words and none of them can sing.
The world's most pointless protest?

I keep hearing the word trousers, that's about all.
Is the bloke at the front in the yellow shirt Piers Corbyn?
Whilst I agree, I think there is also some merit in using their own output against them by pointing out just how stupid they seem.
Yeah but they looked stupid 2 years ago at the beginning of the pandemic and they seem to only be getting more stupid so that isn't really working.
They only seem to get larger in numbers despite the amount of them that has died of covid(despite it begin fake according to them)
Really don't know what you can do against it


Welcome yourself into the new modern crisis


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It gets worse


And in possibly not entirely unrelated news, whoever knew that 'encouragement to commit arson' was an offence? I assumed they would have used a fancier word like 'incitement' or something...

'King hell, that looks like Stratford bus station (the sculpture trying to hide the old shopping centre sort of gives it away).
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