A Stewart Lee thread for theClaud


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Theres a reason for that item being on the list and it’s not silly.
Every day's a schoolday.

Pale Rider

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Those long winter nights must have just flown by in the P Riddy household.

NACA - the home of the terminally po-faced.

Ian H

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Well not entirely!

One small farm of indomitable Gals still holds out against the forces of Gammondom.

And life is not made easy for the legionaries of anti wokeness, who garrison the fortified camps of Honiton, Newton Armpit, and Little Fussing in The Tavy..
I'm very fond of Honiton, and the Newt 'n' Pop is one of my favourite pubs. But I'd have to take stock before crossing the Tavy.

I'm astonished at the number of people I know fairly well who are mourning Jethro. [from Wiki]'Comedian Richard Herring noted that Jethro's success over a long career was admirable, but also stated, "Part of my admiration is that his stuff isn't as horrible as that of some of his contemporaries. Which is a bit of a negative positive." '
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