Anti-vaxxers going too far?

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I think it's at the outer margin of acceptable protest.

No good arresting them for harassment unless there's an actual offence committed and a reasonable prospect of conviction.


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I would have thought it could be considered acceptable, IF everyone one of the protesters present would be willing to have a similar pro-vaccine demonstration (or other subject of your choice) mounted at their home, on a Sunday.

In reality, I can see no valid reason to protest. Vaccination is not compulsory, if you don't want it/ don't believe in it, then, don't have it.


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Thread resurrection.

Local News yesterday, reporting that Anti-Vax protesters, protesting outside, schools, and even gaining access to some schools. Intimidating staff, pupils and parents.


Our road has been leafletted (7 or 8 printed leaflets in every letter box) by anti-vaxxers. We're wondering what the source of funding is?


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Just take your vaccine & shut up!


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A friend of mine was in York last weekend.

She saw 'quite a lot' of anti-vaxxers in the central area.

Largely harmless, although things got a bit nasty after dark, presumably after the protesters and/or the passers by got a few sherberts inside them.
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