Climate Crisis: Are we doing enough?


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Replenishment? Is oil still being created by natural processes then?

About half a tanker a year, probably less.
Do you want a Google link?


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No need for a link, I am happy to take your word for it. At half a tanker per year, I don’t think the oil market is about to crash due to over supply ;)

This is an interesting read from 2005

I haven't been able to fins a specific reference to 2002 though.

Another useful site with a live ticker showing how much oil is left... world has proven reserves,levels and excluding unproven reserves).


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don't complain if some other ''movement'' takes revenge by emptying your tyres.. if they would have emptyed Birus/Sunak/Charles etc. tyres then they might have balls but off course they don't

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I cannot say that I condone it because I am not sure that a protest policy that just annoys and inconveniences individuals has any chance of making change at all...which is presumably supposed to be the point of protest.
To me it smacks of self indulgence and arrogance and is designed to gain the approval of those who are already committed rather than the wider population.
Publicity is one thing, but positive publicity is better.


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Brighton climate activist jailed for six months over M25 protests

It's rather transparent of critics to say that these protestors are cowards, when they face 6months in jail for their beliefs.

More sentences here: This case made me laugh - good for her!

"On 31st May, Ana Heyatawin, 59, from Wells was sentenced to three months in prison for gluing herself to the dock while appearing at Stratford Magistrates’ Court on 26th April. Ana, Dr Diana Warner, 63 a retired GP from Bristol and Liam Norton, 37, an electrician and spokesperson for the Insulate Britain campaign disrupted a hearing, in which they were defendants, causing the sitting magistrates to leave and the session to stop.


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You want to ban most EVs? Why is weight problematic?

Efficiency. The lightest electric cars are twice as efficient meaning heavy cars have massive global warming implications.
How can we be post oil economy when energy usage is double what is needed?

Your humble electric bicycle will be at 10 to 100+ efficiency. If the whole world owned a car as little as 10 years ago I doubt many of us would be alive now.
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