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Coming back to this. I get confused easily. I am not sure how this push to 'don't pay' can help. The companies that we are paying are usually middlemen who are paying more at the moment for the energy that we consume than we pay them. We are a liability to them and in the short term they would be better off without us. The organisations to target are the generators and transporters of the energy therefore hitting them with excess profit taxes seems the most logical solution?
Yes of course.

But there is quite a lot red tape and time delay to doing that - and what will actually happen is that our government will simply block it.

So Not Paying is a practicable, protest that can be done in a sensible time-scale, just when it is needed (i.e. right now).

(It's rare to see "changing the taxation laws" listed under "effective forms of protest", but I guess it's arbitrary ... )


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Hmmm... Smart meters

Remotely switching people to pre-pay tariffs
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