Should there be a ban on breeding, selling and owning XL Bullies?

  • Maiming machines with no place in public space - ban them now.

    Votes: 8 38.1%
  • It's not the dogs, it's the owners! Here's a pic of my toddler sitting on my harmless land shark.

    Votes: 5 23.8%
  • Never mind what kind, dogs in public should be muzzled and on leads.

    Votes: 7 33.3%
  • A ban sounds appealing, but it's bad law. I'll explain why and suggest alternatives below.

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • I'd like to see them banned, but I can't bring myself to back Suella Braverman.

    Votes: 2 9.5%
  • Other (please explain).

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
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Reading around the chip
I see there's a new panic afoot - perhaps one that transcends conventional political dividing lines. Could we achieve a rare consensus? Forum thoughts on the XL Bully question, please! There's a poll. I've allowed two choices, for nuance, incoherence, or fun. The RSPCA is lobbying hard against 'breed specific legislation'. Braverman says We Can't Go On Like This. Bonus points if you can prove it's all the Tories' fault.




Ban All DoNegal tYrE biTers now..



In an ideal world these dogs wouldn’t exist. Does anyone really need a dog like that?

I don’t think you can ban them but make it as hard as possible to own them.

There should be some sort of register for certain dogs. Both the dog and owner have to be on the register. All dogs to be micro chipped and can’t be sold on without notifying who the new owner is. Similar to how cars are sold.

And make it a graduated license, if you want a bigger more aggressive dog you need to jump through additional hoops.

Breeding also needs to be far more tightly controlled.

The down side of this is it will cost money and who will run it and police it.

It’s far cheaper and easier than just ban certain breeds. It makes politicians look good but it isn’t solving the problem long term.


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I saw that Braverman has done extensive research watching one YouTube video in order to inform her call for a different department that she has nothing to do with to take action, just to try and make herself look good.

As with all these attacks, the issue is with the owner of the dog. We need more stringent checks on people wanting to own dogs.


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In an ideal world these dogs wouldn’t exist. Does anyone really need a dog like that?
A dog like what?

They were bred as fighting dogs I suppose, particularly for strength and aggression, but over recent years have been bred more for temperament and looks.

My next door Neighbour has Golden Labradors. These are usually regarded as being lovely, but these two are the most aggressive labs I have ever seen. Equally my neighbours are deeply unpleasant and can often be heard shouting at the dogs. Who knows why these dogs are the way they are? If only there were some sort of correlation between the way a dog is looked after and the way it behaves...
I think all dog owners should need a license before owning one. This should trigger an inpsection, so dogs could be taken away from owners who are found not to be training them or keeping them well enough. The dog would probably be put down. Anyone caught with a dog, who doesn't have a license, would have dog put down and owner receives heavy fine. Anyone who's dog kills someone or puts them in hospital gets lifetime ban, and dog put down. I'd suggest some small identifier/badge to be worn by the dog on its collar so it's easier to enforce.

It sounds very harsh (and I am a dog lover) but there is such a blatant disregard for safety in the dog owning world, nothing is ever going to change without drastic measures. There must also be a massive deterrent for those who want to get a dog, but have no interest/skill in how to train it properly.

Me and my partner have a dog, and we'd have no problem displaying some form of ID on it's collar. We also don't take it to places where we think it will be unhappy or a danger to anything else. Even though he's 12, and small, and only ever licks strangers with their consent, it has to be one rule for all.


Not disputing this as such, but if the person with the issues had a Border Terrier instead, the outcomes would be better. Is this in danger of becoming the 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' of the UK?

Yes - or rather, this seems to be exactly the situation for a number of years.
- Childers are maimed/killed;
- Moral outrage; yup, it's the same sort of dog we've been warning you about for years;
- Owners say "but RamboLOVES children*! "
- Nothing changes;
- repeat ....

What would be lost by banning them? The "treasured family members" will die at some point. Families wanting a new pupper can just choose from dozens of sensible breeds or even .... shock-horror ... a mongrel or rescue mutt.

*but could never manage a whole one HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!

Ian H

Banning breeds is difficult because breeds are mutable things and, with cross-breeds of doubtful parentage, enforcement would be almost impossible. I'd be in favour of requiring leads in all public spaces and muzzles whenever dogs are off the lead, or perhaps anywhere where there are children. Those are just immediate thoughts.

Rusty Nails

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Dog lovers can be weird, you just have to see two owners of the same breed gushing over them on the park.

I loved the dogs I had as a kid, but we used to let them come and go like cats and I have never had a dog since I was an adult because I could not bear to see them cooped up while I was at work and did not want to spend the money on kennels when we were on holiday.

It may well be that part of the problems with Hellhounds is the wrong owner, but it is amazing how often the wrong owner chooses them.

But then, why anyone would want any dog other than a mongrel is a mystery to me.


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Not disputing this as such, but if the person with the issues had a Border Terrier instead, the outcomes would be better. Is this in danger of becoming the 'guns don't kill people, people kill people' of the UK?
This was an attack in 2009 where a border terrier savagely attacked a child. Should they also be added to the dangerous breeds list?

What about Labradors?




There is no safe dog breed. Dogs should be controlled, as should guns.
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An Addendum:-

I think part of our modern "problem" with dogs is that some people no longer think of them as dogs and erroneously try to "humanise" and babify" them.

All animals are animals - they behave like animals behave, no matter how much domestication you try to apply. They aren't human. If something kicks their instinct in the right way, then predator and scavenger animals will attack whether they are dogs, cats, mice etc. The defining difference is how strong the animal is. Dogs tend to be a lot stronger than many people give them credit for. Especially the smaller ones.
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