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The catching net amused me and the delivery complete bell is a nice touch, just in case you don't notice when the job's done.

Yeah love the bell.

Who rings it, the baby or the mother??

You could spend a lot of time in therapy..

Getting over an inexplicable fear of fishing trawlers....


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Well done !! 👍🏼

I delivered my sons at home too..

That is 'actually' delivered them.. 😇

Very much by choice though..
Totally the opposite....my partners allways late for everything including this time getting to the hospital.Slightly surreal as had phone in one hand whilst daughter was coming out so to speak 😲 Tried pushing her back but it was no use...then the paramedic turned up 😁
Right enough,I don't even watch Casualty ! I'm a wimp at pain and blood.


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It appears to be automatically triggered by the child hitting the back of the net. I suppose it could be modified to play a polite round of applause instead.

Or to automatically put the kettle on, for a nice postpartum pot of tea.. 🫖


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"Out" presumably.

I didn't read far enough to find out if the poor mother gets a second spinning for the third stage ... 😳

I Just imagine believing that this 'contraption' was worthy of a patent..??

That someone might want to 'steal' this 'idea'.??

High hubris or what 🤔
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