Is banana a racist word?

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I reckon the joke about a "slant" on a bridge was probably scripted, written in advance, and the shot was set up.

I feel pretty sure you are correct, but by saying the words Clarkson signed up to it. Also he has done similar things in his own writing.

I think the slant was the 'slope on the bridge'?


Show me how to signal I think racism is a joke.

There is plenty of humour to be found in racism. I hope you too can find some that you enjoy in due course.

This is the most recent find that I would recommend (I believe the message is NACA-compliant):


Yes, it's a bit like the reaction people would have if I called you a thick daffodil. Some would be shocked, some would find it funny, and others might nod quietly in agreement. Some might be all three.

Life is complex, isn't it.
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