Kim Jong Un and Putin

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Air Koryo (North Korean state airline) fly old Russian-made jets which are under restriction in some parts of the world because of safety concerns. Arriving in the host country's dubiously airworthy old plane looks like a poor relative visiting the extended family dressed in hand-me-downs. The trains may or may not be entirely made in North Korea but they are certainly built or rebuilt there to be unique, secure and incapable of comparison with anything Russia might possess. 'Mine is better than yours', Kim can say, even if that is only because no sane person would ever want what he has got.


Train travel really limits his holiday options. It’s basically Vladivostok or some Chinese backwaters. It’s tricky to project world power when you can’t go anywhere.

It’s easy to forget how huge Russia is.
I just looked up Vladivostok on Google maps. At first glance it looks like the arse end of nowhere, but it’s a port city with great links to Japan, the Korean Peninsula and the whole of the pacific beyond.
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