Labour MPs and sexual misconduct

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In the wake of the Swansea MP Geraint Davies being suspended, , it has now been confirmed by Charlotte Nichols that the person she complained about is still very much in the front bench team of the man who promised to clean everything up!

I wonder if the first thread about the Davies situation, an MP who enjoyed taking Eastern European prostitutes to the terrace of the House of Commons for drinks, would be several days after it happened if he had been a Conservative MP?

And I wonder who the other front bench Labour MP is, the one being complained about?

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I can't tell you who it might be. It probably isn't Emily Thornberry, but you never know... That being said, i also do not know why they are not suspended or the official reasoning's for it, it would be mindless speculation at this point, but it will not go away so, stay tuned...

In the article she states: "When I first came into parliament, literally within the first week, there was a list of names, about 30 MPs, people I was told I should do everything I could to make sure I wasn't alone with, never accept a drink from, not get a lift with.

"Their bad behaviour is so widely known and so little action has been taken that it is left to individuals to keep themselves safe."

There is no mention of party specifics or names there and i would wager that there would be a parliament issue that has no correlation to party specifics. I dunno, perhaps a minor contribution, but barring MP's drinking dutch courage might help them to stop their grubby nicnaks going places they shouldn't? Perhaps some think they can do what they want anyway which on the evidence we have seen in recent years is highly probable.


Women are massively underrepresented in parliament. There are 430 male MPs to 220 female, which is a nonsense. 24% of Conservative MPs are women, compared with 51% of Labour MPs.

When I read about all the drunken handsy MPs it just makes me think there should be quotas.

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Thanks for the reality check.
I'm done wondering.
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