Masks on planes

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Airlines are announcing end of mask rules MID FLIGHT.
Did passengers ALL know about it when they boarded?

Either way it seems an insane approach - why make them board with a mask on?


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I’ll be keeping mine on, regardless of airline policy.


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First time I flew for over 2 years was last week - short haul on EasyJet. After they had relaxed their mask rule and then had significant disruption to flights due to crew COVID illness, they were insisting on masks throughout the entire flight. I assume that airlines are putting in place their own rules about mask wearing now. It seems insane to change these rules mid-flight.


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I think it's just a US thing?

Between different states maybe? EasyJet said that the destination country mandated mask wearing on incoming flights but on the way back they still mandated mask wearing even back into laissaz-faire Blighty.

Wearing a mask as much as possible in such a confined space seems a sensible precaution, even if only partially effective. Frankly, I quite like the idea to stop me catching the cold of some person on the same flight - which seems to always happen to me.
All wore masks on my flight to Dublib today. Don't think this will change in Europe for a while.
Across the pond they're losing the plot...


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Easyjet to Malta last month insisted upon masks both outbound and inbound. The Maltese had strict mask wearing for indoor places.
Three weeks later, Tui to South Teneriffe and return, the airline didn't give a stuff. This despite the Canary Islands, at least the one we were on, also having strict mask wearing when indoors. Indeed on a ferry to the island we were staying on, one of the stewards was walking round ensuring people wore masks.
Sure, there was an announcement by the Tui staff on the plane about recommending mask wearing, but none of the cabin staff nor for that matter flight deck staff, wearing them didn't set a good example. Which came as a shock to me, given my earlier experience with Easyjet. And of course, as soon as the announcement was made that it was not compulsory on the flights, masks came off. As a result of which, based upon the aircraft I could see, there were probably at most a dozen people, including my wife and I, who wore them throughout the flights.
Edit: I await with interest what Easyjet say next month when I fly to Egypt. Although then I shall be taking one of the FFP2 masks as both my wife and I have come down with Covid since the Tui flight.
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Can't they just open the windows?

No of course not, it interferes with the climate control system....:rolleyes:


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Airlines are announcing end of mask rules MID FLIGHT.
Did passengers ALL know about it when they boarded?

Either way it seems an insane approach - why make them board with a mask on?
I doubt passengers all knew. This seems likely to get airlines yet more shoot reviews from angry passengers, but I guess they'd get that either way: are more people going to be annoyed by surprise unmasking or by having to wear a mask?

It's not completely insane because people are probably closer together during boarding and the doors mean whatever filters are fitted to planes are probably less effective, but it does seem less prudent than just doing whichever is the stricter of the origin and destination.

Planes aren't alone on changing rules mid-journey: on Eurostars crossing into France from England and Belgium recently, a more forceful wear-a-mask announcement was made, detailing the possible fines and punishments.
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