New sub-domain and password warning

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I notice that the subdomain has just changed from naca.cyclechat to ncap.cyclechat, requiring me to log in afresh.

On my first attempt I got a warning along the lines of ‘this site may have suffered a data leak and you should change your password’.
Anyone else get this?


I've changed the sub-domain and altered some of the files and settings, including a flush of the Redis server databases (which store login details so will have prompted the re-login) - but not sure why it has prompted your browser to throw up that warning, sorry.

All legit and no data leak that I'm aware of. :okay:

I've also enabled a new consent pop-up for the ads we display which allows more refined control for anyone who wants it. :smile:


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So that they don't / won't bother, obvs. Still, it's an improvement on not being able to reject them at all.

As Claud says, why can’t we reject them all with a single click, and what’s with the legitimate interest spam?

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And the first ad I got after turning my ad-blocker off was an ad for an ad-blocker.

download (1).jpeg

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Why make users scroll through over a hundred options to deselect them one at a time?

If you can provide an ‘accept all’ button you can provide a ‘reject all’ button and not make it such a pain in the arse.

Too difficult for you or that busy you haven't got time?


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Why, when I am still logged in, have I received the cookie consent form again?

My choices should have been saved from before, it’s only been just over a week!

(And yes, I did reject all 111 requests individually. Again.)


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I'm not staying logged in for some reason. It's ok on the main site but when I come back over here I keep having to log in again.
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