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My cousin did her nurse training at stoke mandiville . When she was there , she was warned by other trainee nurses to stay away from Saville . He was allowed to just come and go as he pleases at that hospital. Nobody challenged him at all .

It’s does creep you out a bit , used to watch his Tv show every week . Too young to spot stuff I suppose. The eye opener though was the interview he did with Louis Theroux. That was weird/creepy all sorts of bad feelings !

Ian H

I know that things have tightened up a lot in some areas.
When I was training to become a school teacher the lectures on safeguarding - and self protection - were very specific and detailed
Then every school I taught in made sure that every teacher knew the rules and requirement
things like never in a room alone with a pupil unless in clear sight of the door and the door open.
It was partly in place so that false accusation couldn;t be made - or not easily - but also so that teachers (etc) couldn't take advantage of a vulnerable pupil

When I spoke to old teachers (and ones my own age that had started teaching right from school - I started when I was over 40:eek:) they said there was none of that when they started
In fact at that time it would be normal for a teacher to have a detention or after-school session with only one pupil and close the door.
At times they were 'rumours' of a member of staff 'having wandering hands' around the girls - or something
That was totally impossible in any school where I taught - OK probably not totally but way more difficult and unaccepted than years before
Unless you're the police wanting to strip-search a teenage girl.

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I don't recall Savile being convicted of any sex offences, so isn't this all smearing innuendo and carping hearsay without any proof of real criminality?
Whichever way you look at it he was a very effective and successful sex abuser.
And what should we replace him with? What credible alternatives are you proposing? Well?


it needs a conspiracy of silence from employers and their community to prevent it coming to light.
There's no need for secrecy, just an understanding of how to use the Halo Effect: people won't listen to bad information about people they like (and conversely, won't hear anything good about people they don't like). Savile did lots of good work for charity because he knew it would make him immune to accusations, and he even explained to someone at the BBC how it's done.

On the BBC documentary, a guy spoke of a meeting where Savile was boasting about having just raped a couple of 14 year old girls in his motorhome. "I don't think that's the sort of thing you should be bragging about" he said, to which Savile replied
"Oh no, you don't understand, I have an arrangement with God: I do good work for charity and he turns a blind eye to my little 'indiscretions'". Halo Effect, straight from the horses mouth.

Shipman was another one who knew how to use the Halo Effect. Everyone knew he had a higher mortality rate than all the other doctors, including the local undertakers, that's why they called him 'Doctor Death', but all it took was a kindly bedside manner, and a few Christmas presents for the patients. On the documentary about him, the police who were investigating said that some patients frogmarched them out of the house because they were outraged at the suggestion their beloved GP was a killer.
The eye opener though was the interview he did with Louis Theroux. That was weird/creepy all sorts of bad feelings !
I don't like Theroux, because he comes across as someone who looks for weirdos and misfits, and then makes a freak show out of them. But I did like Savile, so the way I interpreted the show was that Savile saw through what he was, and just clammed up, became monosyllabic, and wouldn't play ball. I don't actually recall the comments you're thinking of, because I wasn't paying any attention to them: Halo Effect. When the story hit the news, my first reaction was "Nah, somebody's just misinterpreted his behaviour because he's a bit eccentric", being from Leeds myself I used to feel quite proud of such a prolific charity worker.

A guy at work got to know him a bit when his son was in Stoke Mandeville: "A really nice guy, no side to him at all".
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Ste T.

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The 70s was rife with it. Not saying it doesn't happen now but when I was at school there was a teacher notorious for standing and staring at us in the showers and it was common knowledge amongst all the lads to not let him get you in the teachers room opposite the showers. Apparently a couple of boys tried telling other teachers but it never went anywhere. After I left the school I did hear there was a bit of a scandal and he had to leave but afaik he wasn't prosecuted. He most likely went on to another School and started again..
Now thankfully people are far more open to kids coming forward.


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One of the teachers at my school got 14 years for sexually assaulting boys on school trips. He was reported to the police at the time of the incidents but the victims complaints were dismissed. He moved schools and continued to abuse boys with charges only being brought decades later as part of an investigation into another offender. As with the church, the organisations - school, council, police - were complicit in allowing the abuse to continue. Thank goodness safeguarding and complaints are taken more seriously.


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I watched the new Netflix documentary on Jimmy Savile yesterday. Bloody hell, that was a grim watch!

It got me thinking though, could this happen again with someone who was just starting to becoming famous nowadays?

I watched it & it was still in my head at work the next day. He was one sick individual in plain sight.
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