Protest and survive

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I’m contemplating going out this evening to deliberately slow traffic on the A23.

Come and arrest me, you fascist bastards.



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These powers will be (as they are being now) gradually expanded. The government will incrementally increase the state’s powers to quash peaceful dissent until it will be impossible to even discuss holding a protest without the risk of detention or prosecution.

We are being governed by authoritarian fascists whose driving force is self-enrichment and subjugation of the people.

Please don’t think the planned restrictions on the right to protest or to strike don’t affect you, they affect everyone.


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They are talking about this on our telly at the moment (I suspect SWMBO might have recordeed it??)

I wonder how they would react if a young kid was run over by a car taking a short cut through a posh housing estate and the residents blocked the road in protest at their requests for traffic calming measures???
I suspect that would be different to all the unwashed oiks stopping bankers getting to work!


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