Putting your money where your mouth is.

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I’ve realised in the last few years that I want to be one of those people who help other people the way so many people helped me. I don’t want to just be someone who enjoys the fruits of what other people have done and then pull the drawbridge up and go, well I’m alright Jack, I’ve had a nice time. I’m at the stage of my life and career where I have a window of opportunity that will probably never be this good again. I’m able to get people in a room, I can open doors. I don’t want to look back and think, I could have done something with that platform. I could have done something with that money.
Even if only half true I’m impressed. Like many of us I have causes which I try to support with time and finance, but Michael Sheen has pushed the boundaries further than most. He seems like a thoroughly decent chap, doesn’t he?


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A good egg, I reckon.

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Cue our disorderly little troupe of right-wing flaglickers stomping in & yelling "virtue signaller" and squealing about "woke luvvies gone mad" or somesuch.

There. Saved them the bother.


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It is great that he was in a position to do this and actually did it. It can be very easy to think 'I don't have enough' and keep accumulating.


I would like to think this will bring him more work, as people realise he isn’t just banking the cash.
I also hope they keep paying him the big bucks.
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