Questioning a problem with MP’s?

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I would suggest that it may be a question of power

People attracted to the idea of becoming an MP will either be in it to help people or for the power

and in some cases once people get a taste of power they like and and seek more

and an adult always has a position of power with a lot of children - especially ones that are vulnerable
same with staff members -


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We know there’s questionable staff at the BBC but also why are so many MP’s attracted to children?

Not disputing that there MAY be a concentration of people of doubtful sexual preferences among MPs, or, within the BBC, but, do you have any facts or statistics to actually support this supposition? ie that the incidence of "offenders" is any different to the general population, or, any other selected sub-set (say, for example, Police, NHS workers, Teachers, etc etc).
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The list has very few MPs on it.
Mainly councillors.

It's a few years old, so there would be a few MPs to add to an updated version.

However, there's no doubt potting an MP is a bit more difficult than an ordinary member of the public.
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