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Something nasty in the woodshed
Gordon Brown redux.

"We have, at least, one politician with a moral compass and he's the only senior politician speaking out publicly about the current financial mess the UK's in. I'm surprised that no-one has started a thread about this.

He carried out a study which has noted that by October, 50% of children (7 million kids) will be living in households that have to do without material necessities. By January, 39 million people could be fuel poor, those that spend more than 10% of their income on energy bills. In his home area of Fife, he's seeing levels of poverty that haven't been witnessed since the 30s. Youngsters going to school on empty stomachs and/or unsuitable shoes and nurses queueing at food banks.

However, this is the zinger for me. Warmbanks. This is something I heard about last week, the Mayor of Bristol and Aberdeen Council are planning these. Other areas of the UK are planning the same. Places for people to go if their homes get too cold. That is just astonishing! In fact, simply horrifying!

GB says, correctly, that the line of defence should be the welfare state. After all, that's what it was set up for, not food banks or warmbanks. In Fife, there are not just warmbanks and foodbanks, but a bedding bank, a clothes bank, a baby bank, a hygiene bank and a toiletries bank. I'm sure that'll be repeated in other areas of the UK. This is what's supposed to be the 5th richest nation on earth. Although, I think we may've dropped down that ranking now.

Before anyone starts screaming about Iraq or selling the gold, which is a usual whataboutery, just ask yourself one question. Was your day to day life better under Prime Minister Gordon Brown or now?

All this is going on while Sunak and Truss talk about the cost of ear rings and cutlery, and BJ is taking a holiday, presumably paid by someone who'll get a peerage, from cosplaying various roles. GB hasn't been PM for 12 years and he has better, and more workable ideas, than his party leader (who is also posted missing) and the people who are actually supposed to be in charge.

The world is looking on at this with utter astonishment."



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at least cookiemonster cant destroy this one......as a non-resident uk citizen paying taxes in hong kong
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