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I'm not a fan either but the Tories would have been much worse at home and we would still have invaded Iraq on demand. Hague, IDS and Howard were the Blair alternatives offered to the electorate.
It's one way of looking at it....but the Tories weren't in power and Iraq is on him !
After Iraq and the Chilcot inquiry I'd rather not see him let alone hear his drivel about wokeism ffs.The man should be silenced through shame.

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Although in the true sense of the word.

Sadly not.

He's actually being paid for this endless gig of gaffes and incompetence.

And being paid rather well

But who really cares eh..??

Yup, sadly too true. Professional pay for appallingly mediocre performance.


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A ex Prime Minister who started an illegal war that killed millions and destabilised the region for a generation is knighted, whilst another ex Labour leader who wanted a fairer country/peace and has spent his whole life fighting injustices is the baddie.Fecking madness.


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Blair paved the way for the Americanisation of the UK, which I find upsetting.

That said, he did many good things, which is often forgotten.
Name one?

As well as being a warmonger he and Gordon continued the project to privatise the NHS bigtime.

Tax credits were no boon all things considered. A prop to low wage culture is how I read them.


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