The new Nelson Mandela

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Shoes too small to fit his feet ....


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It's a bit of recent thing isn't it, this comparing of everything to historical injustices or tragedies? I don't remember it 20 years ago. It would have been thought to be in bad taste to appropriate other people's suffering just to make a point. Just a sign of how hyperbolic and overwrought modern discourse is I suppose. Anyway, I'm sure we're all looking forward to the Poundland Rosa Park's new tv show. Sharon Osbourne's on it too, you say? Marvellous.


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I don't think even he's stupid enough to believe it. Gutter-press, sensationalist hack.

Unfortunately he's given far more air-time than he deserves. See also Michael Farage and that ludicrous Victorian wand Jacob Rees-Mogg, amongst others.

And before I'm accused of right-wing bashing, there are plenty on the left I wouldn't give the time of day to either. Starmer can get in the sea.


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Can we lock him away on Robben Island for 20 years, and then we can compare them.

excellent suggestion!

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