USA Midterms....

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Surprised this has not been a topic.

Scary times, Sleepy Joe may become a lame duck. Republican success will liberate Trump for a 2024 run. The lunatics will own the asylum.
The loony right and conspiracy theorists over here will feel emboldened, liberty will be curtailed and 'grooming' will become the OED word of the year....


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It is concerning, nothing Biden has planned will get through, including of course support for Ukraine, and, as you say, Trump will likely run in 2024 and quite possibly win and where will that leave us?

There's been far too much talk since he was ousted about him going to jail, being dropped by the Reps etc, nonsense unfortunately. If, as seems more than possible, they take both houses, the world will become even more of a toxic-shoot dump than it is already. That's why there's been no thread started, it's all so utterly depressing!


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It really scares me. A large percentage of US citizens seem to be succumbing to insanity. It's sad.

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Perfect ...


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