You Can't Fix Stupid. Part 4

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Today's new word: prelate.
Imagine the horror. A Bishop using a pulpit to preach peace from. Whatever next?

Why do people vote for these idiots?

One result of Johnson's landslide in 2019, and the circumstances in which it was called, has been the election of a number of 'accidental MPs'. People who would not have passed muster with a proper selection process end up on the ballot and then, when (eg) Red Wall seats fall they actually end up on the green benches.

Gullis is one such. Lee Anderson (Ashfield) is another.

Labour had a few who got in by last minute abbreviated selection too.


Master of the Inane Comment
A Bishop using a pulpit to preach peace from. Whatever next?
The ignorance is rather frightening isn't it.

What we are seeing here is the divorce of morality from politics. This is leading to the latter becoming an unrestrained exercise of power. Note how the MP is pleased the UK has left the EU and the restraints that might have imposed.
Today's new word: prelate.
When I see the word primate used of the archbishops it raises a wry smile!


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And in another case of stupid...

Wiltshire man who killed biker caught by own dashcam footage​

Pled guilty to manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility
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