A right Charlie?

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Ian H

Or possibly a George, or even an Arthur.
I recall from long ago that the then Prince of Wales would like to be King George. I have seen a few mentions of this again recently. Anyone care to place a bet?
Charles I was a trifle unlucky and Charles II had a certain reputation - https://jacklynch.net/Texts/charles2.html . So perhaps George would be a safer option.


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I'm going to place my bet on Charles III.

Edit to add: haven't you been paying attention Ian?
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Hes been called King Charles III since around tea time yesterday………dont tell me its another thread ready to abuse and condone less than 24hrs into his reign.
So far as one can tell he's chosen the regnal name Charles III as announced yesterday.

He's had the whole of his conscious life to think about it and in the last year or so of his Mother's reign it's been clear that, as with George V, her life was drawing to a close. If she had a terminal illness then he presumably knew.

There was speculation that he might choose to be George VII but once he went with Charles yesterday then, absent something that looks like a tantrum, he's made his bed and will have to lie on it.


I've just read about his speech where he's pledged his loyalty to the nation, considering his first wife I'll believe it when I see it.

I think we can all agree that he should never have married Diana . That was IMO an arranged marriage he didn’t look happy or comfortable nor her really.
Couldn’t get together with Camilla could he as she was married!


There have long been rumours of a regal name change, but I don’t think the general public around the world would have understood if a new King George appeared.

It’s hard enough for professional news readers not to call him Prince Charles. So King George would have looked a bit odd.
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