All right wingers are colossal morons

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I literally had to check it wasn't 1st April

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You may think they are stupid but they are organised enough to know how to create a colossal fuss diverting attention from the real scandal...and frightening the BBC into giving in to also in the Gary Lineker issue.
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The right wing have been around forever and associated opinions of them Im sure. The problem is the BBC and it's funding is subject to political arm wrestling by both sides. However, reading the article that it does state that the sixth unaired episode will be available on iPlayer and always was intended to be, so if you're under 95 years old, you probably know what that is and if interested in it can navigate to it there.


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Right wing people are not all morons

Far from it

For example - people like Jacob Rees-Smug and Nigel Farage are both very intelligent and very good at seeing how the money works and how to make more and more for themselves
There are many more example - I just picked 2 obvious one

The problem is that their concept of how to run the economy is that if people like them get richer then society as a whole benefits because they spend more money, buy more stuff and hence pay more taxes in several ways
Assuming, of course, they don't find some way around paying the tax - like that - just maybe - their friend put onto teh statute books

But they also see that 'people like them' getting richer means more is invested into teh companies that they run - and hence employment goes up and the whole country benefits

ALl of which is true - but overall it is b******s in terms of its effect on society as a whole
which most of them know

The main proibem is that otehr right wing people look up to the rich ones - such as trump - and these are the ones that are the morons
but they are a lot more of them and they cause a lot of trouble because they are easily led and often go off on their own route - allowing the rich and intelligent ones to deny any involvement.

In general this country has, in recent years anyway, gone against extreme right wing stuff - I am quite proud of Liverpool's protests against rigth wing marches - Benny Hill theme tunes and right wing people having to be escorted out of the area by Police and all that

but this would not apply in all areas

and history tells us that this sort of stuff can take hold and it is a slippery slope

so - yes - most are morons
but the ones to be careful of are the ones that are not - do not discount all of them becuase of some moron shouting racist rubbish - look for the other one that put him there!


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I nearly was going to use a way more offensive word in the title, but I had a second thought and changed it to "morons" and now kind of regret it.

Anyway, after the last 24 hours of BBC shenanigans, Fiona Bruce on QT "he (Stanley Johnson) only broke her (his wife) nose once", Gary Lineker's suspension and not broadcasting an episode of David Attenborough's latest series which highlights the way we've farked up nature in our own country, I can honestly say all right wingers are colossalcoldbloodedshittywankstainbastardfarkingcuntyprickscabscumToryscumcockwombledaffidoldickheads.
all right wingers are colossalcoldbloodedshittywankstainbastardfarkingcuntyprickscabscumToryscumcockwombledaffidoldickheads

More quality signature material. We truly live in a golden age.


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Think they might have 'misjudged' the reaction to 'cancelling' Gary Linekar

seems like Alan Shearer and Ian Wright (?) have said they won't apear without him
quickly followed by pretty much every other football presenter and pundit

and most of the commentators

and now the player union have said player won't do interviews with the BBC

Alistair Cambell said it pretty well
If they had said it needed to be talked about just after he said it then they might have been taken seriously
but they waited until the right wing Tory politicians got all wound up

THEN said Gary should be backed down
which makes it rather clear that they submitted to political opinions from

But at the end of the day
it performs its intended purpose and defects attention from the Illegal Immigration Policy
which is the best named policy ever to go through Parliament

copied to the Bravemen thread as well - as it is relevant


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They were only ever going to put it on iPlayer. It's manufactured outrage.
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