Brexit is going wonderfully as shown by these examples

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Well as we are so often reminded to stay on topic I can say that I feel much safer now if I'm in an emergency situation in the Dartford Tunnel that we now have the freedom to change the distance to the nearest emergency exit from meters to yards.

Also he buggers it up by saying that yards are the funny numbers.

Tit in a top hat.

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Do we really need any more of this?



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Its not brexits fault cause its not raining………and this is a remainer forum, no brexiteer is going to subject themselves to the remainer abuse and bullshit.

Especially when this thread was started by a hardent remainer, hell bent on abusing and belittling brexiteers

queue the spelling and grammar trolls, nicola sturgeon loving retards and Non UK citizens whos votes were stolen…….and farking farmers.
Let no one say this forum is unfair on Brexiters.

Fill yer boots with all the success stories.

And no moaning.

I’d like to commend you on your use of the word Brexiter rather than Brexiteer, a form that gives them a cachet they don’t deserve.


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Can't spell, Can't Punctuate....Who care's, Sue Me
Do you honestly think that a brexiter, brexiteer, clever person, is going to come and post on here, about the benefits of brexit. When you already have a bunch of pricks posting and making their usually bollox posts

I mean really......your all as clever as the remainer who blamed brexit for it not raining.
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