Clickbait, and its use of.

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Are you like me, finding clickbait headlines increasingly insane?

Whilst I expect insanity from the likes of GBNews and the Express, it is creepingly expanding near everywhere, especially in tech news.
I just clicked a msnnews headline short explaining the new solid state battery cars with 1000km range.
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Yep. But then we do expect our news/reporting for free, don't we.


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Similar issue with F1. There is a website called whose sole modus operandi is to spam out headlines to make you click - if you do you get a 5 line "story" which doesn't relate to the headline and about 300 adverts.

The last one I saw was:

Verstappen to race at Imola F1 REPLACEMENT this Sunday​

And variations about how there would be a replacement India GP.

Of course the story was that as Max was at a loose end, he was going to participate in an online sim race based on the India circuit.

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Every story about Philip Schofield.


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It is very much out there. Most of these websites are set up to make ad revenue. Anything that requires me to turn off ad blockers get an immediate no from me. Most of this clickbait stuff is simply farmed off of more reputable websites anyways and twisted to fit clickbait headlines to get you in. It does work unfortunately that's why it is increasing.
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