Don't Look Up


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Who's seen it, then? It's on Netflix. I watched it New Year's round a friend's house.

I liked it, but I wouldn't say that I loved it. Not as funny as I expected although I did enjoy the satire and as you mention some of the performances are excellent (I particularly enjoyed Ariana Grande taking the mickey out of herself and Mark Rylance).

If you have watched it and turned it off at the credits - it's worth sticking around for the two extra scenes.

Mr Celine

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Watched this tonight on Celinette's boyfriend's netflix.

Best allegorical sci fi since District 9, though I doubt it will be quite as memorable.
We still have a prawn in our fish tank called Vikus and anything unappetising that comes out of a tin is dismissed as catfood.

Thanks for the recommendation.
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