Fussy eaters.

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Feck 'em.

Just needed to get that off my chest....

Thank you.

Quite so. If you are so sensitive about what you eat, bring your own fodder to my table. Don't lay your trip on me, fusspot! I'm not a therapist.
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Rusty Nails

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After school dinners for seven years just about anything is fine with me...except beetroot, radish or celery.

Salty seadog

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I'll have the pilchards please. ❤️

Mr Celine

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If it's an aubergine starter, andouilettes for main or banana for pud I'm out.

Otherwise I await my invitation with relish.:hungry:


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A friend of mine has a very specific diet. It's tied up with childhood trauma and other things I can't possibly begin to understand.
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