Isabel Oakshott.

Isabel Oakshott. Which one is it?

  • Shining crusader in the quest for truth?

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  • Barrel-scraping journo with the morals of a polecat?

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I can't pretend to be a huge fan of Matt Hancock. I'm more interested in the parishioners' view of Isabel Oakshott's recent behaviour. What do you reckon?
Entirely in keeping with her past behaviour.

QC is being sarcastic. He's making the point that the aspect of Oakeshott's duplicitous behaviour detracts from the core story, makes a partial victim of Hancock, when the focus should be on COVID deaths caused by his own incompetence.


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Entirely in keeping with her past behaviour.

No one can ever trust her again.
She’s totally destroyed her modest reputation.

Hancock clearly thought she was on his side, but she seems to only work for herself.
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