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I love to see right wingers shitting on their own.

Jungle anus Matt is covered in the stuff.


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So - Hand-Cock trusted a right wing journalist whose partner is Richard Tice, has a bad reputation and is rabidly anti lockdown

That is actually at the core of this, I suspect. Tice is desperately trying to regenerate his political career with his silly little party and has been trying to do it on the back of anti-lockdown hindsight rage. This, in itself, seems rather pointless as the last lockdown ended 2 years ago.

Oakeshott has been punting the line that she is leaking this stuff because it is in the 'public interest' in so far as, she says, it shows lockdowns were a terrible mistake. So far, that message has been lost in general amazement that Hancock turns out to be even more of a narcissistic, amoral cünt than we thought he was, with a sidehelping of lols at Johnson's and Sunak's ineptitude.

Clearly Hancock's book hasn't sold well, and therefore Oakeshott is securing a supplementary payment from the Telegraph. She has only gone to the Telegraph because it is the only paper pursuing a covidiot anti-lockdown agenda.

The fallout from this story is also interesting because of the angles taken by various people. The BBC, for example, seem to be giving priority to Hancock's reaction to his Colendangelo arsegrope photo, rather than the far more politically relevant detail that Hancock stated that the oleaginous Sunak's glossy Eat Out to Help Out campaign resulted in a rise in covid cases, and that he helped cover it up.
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