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Hartlepool Tories are moving to distance themselves from Johnson's government (and to portray Labour as somehow an EU party). Let's pause for a while and meditate on what we think might be the reaction from the right wing press were local Labour candidates to do similar.

View: https://twitter.com/borobarrister/status/1521613350106505220?t=niMt43y8N41IWQozl9IG2A&s=19

They have form for this kind of nonsense - they encouraged Unionist Labour sympathisers to vote Labour in Scotland to try and oust the SNP.


Welcome yourself into the new modern crisis
A good friend of mine and co-owner of my LBS won for the Greens. Which is nice.


Welcome yourself into the new modern crisis
Labour gained from Lib Dems in my ward so I'm a bit cross but only slightly. Net result is Labour lose one seat to Green and the city remains NOC.
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