Maureen Lipman: Cancel culture could wipe out comedy

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Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

A simple observation on my part. We saw the same from Corbyn and the Anti semitic left not long ago. I suggest you stop digging
That's still not an answer to my question.
I suggest you answer the farkin' question!
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Can we make jokes about the white south African architects of apartheid, cos I know a cracker about an Afrikaner mother-in-law but wouldn't want to be cancelled?


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a) Maureen Lipman is a Comic (?)
b) Maureen Lipman is a Dame (why?)
This forum is exhausting

I think that's three things. For clarification, Maureen Lipman is an Actor (Actress?). She is a dame as she was nominated for services to the arts, entertainment and charities.


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What is dissembling?
Why is it openly racist? I honestly would like to know why?

He doesn't have a clue else he'd answered straight away.
I can't think of any comedians that have been "cancelled" recently.

Surely well managed venues know their audiences and know who to book. It's why I always go to see Jerry Sadowitz at a small venue like Leicester Sq. Theatre, and not say a mega venue like O2 where I could see Michael Macintyre, who I would quite like to see cancelled. Permanently.


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I found this bit from him rather telling:
However, he does think he and his fellow comedians worry about being cancelled for things they might have said in the past which have since become less acceptable. "I signed up for a website called TweetDelete and all my posts that are older than six months have gone. It's a bit of self-protection."
Who gets to say what is or what is not acceptable?

It is interesting to me that the new secular woke religion has no concept of forgiveness, let alone tolerance, which the above quote shows to be true. 'Values' change and suddenly you can't grovel enough to the latest value you transgressed 15 years ago unknowingly. You have to protect yourself from what is now trending.

How do you know if you go with the flow now that in 5 or 6 years time you might be pilloried by the latest twitter mob when values have once again 'moved on'.

Clearly there is self-censorship going on at present if former tweets have to be deleted. You cannot say now what you would have said in the past. This is ironic in that the left in particular have always deplored censorship, at least in the West, but if you look at the old Communist block it was par for the course.
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