Nationalise, regulate or laissez-faire?

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You just showed you true colours fella………an utter scumbag of the biggest order. I hope none of your family come down with cancer, with having you as a husband/father…..

I actually feel sorry for your whole family, for just knowing you.

As I've said you can't come on here calling people names and abusing them and not expect to get a battering, I let you whitter on for a while but you needed to have a taste of your own medicine.

I work with lads where there's absolutely no boundaries when it comes to wind ups and p*sstake so some internet saddo like you was never going to stand a chance.

Don't come over all sensitive and hard done by now as you've got exactly what you asked for, I haven't even started yet so think on.

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I'd suggest the both of you have a re read over the past couple of pages.....give it a rest ffs.
Meanwhile greedy bastard Unions !



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The obvious problem with re-nationalising utilities, rail whatever, is that they will be headed up by someone. Whoever gets that job will be seen as a 'political appointment', and then subsequently constantly attacked by anyone from a different political persuasion, when governments change so will the Head of the Railway/Water/Gas etc. So as much as it seems a good idea, it won't change any of the political argument about how services are being run.

The obvious problem with jowwy is that he is a cunt.
Having said that, he has managed to do something that has never happened before. He has become a point around all of us who usually argue with each other about everything/anything can all reach agreement! So in many ways, he is a cause for celebration and could even be the start of a more conciliatory and kind forum where agreement is more easily found. He may deserve a thank you :cheers:

Once again I find myself in agreement with you. Funny old world innit.

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...about as different as two rats fighting over a courgette that's fallen into a urinal. The main difference being the shep rat is wearing Wolverhampton Wanderers kit.


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(Best David Attenborough voice)

"And so the upstart challenger Jowwy is dismissed by Shep, and goes off to lick his wounds and have a moan and a cry"

"Meanwhile some of the other males signal their acceptance of Shep as top dog for now; but how long will it be before there is a new challenger?"

No licking wounds here fella………i actually think you lot like these arguments taking place or you would be as bored as fark. I mean, if i didnt post, there wouldnt be any for hours on end
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Talking of Viz



Can't spell, Can't Punctuate....Who care's, Sue Me
He's getting a hard-on every time somebody answers him. He'll only go away when he's ignored FFS.

Until then every thread is the cccunt's shoot-show....

fark off you utter bell end….the only one getting a hard on over it is you. You keep pitching in with the odd post, just to make sure people are doing what their told and you fiddle over the power it gives you. Dirty old pervert.

Fab Foodie, self-gratifying over naca posts since 2021….
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I didn't know that! I've always thought of the government's IT systems as being vaguely useless.

Where I used to work, a bank, everything was held together on an Excel spreadsheet. Madness.

But then, this was a place which employed me as a graphic designer, and once I'd got my way around the place I asked for the brand guidelines.

"We haven't got any" was the response.

"You don't... You don't have brand guidelines?"

"No, why would we need any?"

"... It's ... Well it's just standard practise for a company this size?"

"Oh. Can you do them?"

"Well yeah, but it'll take a while."

I hope you charged mightily!
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