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I left my heart in Ouray, Colorado.

But the rest of the state was nice as well. It's got mountains, deserts, rivers, forests... we had heatwaves and blizzards, we walked up mountains, we cycled round vineyards, we bathed in hot springs... we stayed in scruffy motels and luxury hotels, we saw ghost mining towns and ancient settlements, brown bears and hummingbirds... ate the best beef I've ever had out at the ranch and drank matcha tea with a weird cult...

It's like the Peak District on steroids.

I know a few people who've done Scotland on acid..

But The Peaks on steroids.
Now there's another idea.. :wacko:

Ian H

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Chocolate always helps...

Plus thanks to some mahoosive spanner wielding, my pick up hitch is now working..

And someone's going to weld new brackets on my bucket :hyper:
As euphemisms go, that's up there with the best.

Xipe Totec

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Back in the 90s/00s, this lot were my favourite band by a long way.


Ian H

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As soon as E & I got together I went off with another woman.

It was a long pre-booked walking tour in Corsica with my best mate. Separate tents. We still do walking or cycling tours together.

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Well, if anybody wants to take a look at what my wife and I got up to on honeymoon, take a look at this video and it should give you some idea.


I and a friend went on that ride on one of our road trips across the south-west US some years ago.

Beautiful ride but no hanky-panky, honest. We've been friends for 70 years.
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