The NCAP Soccerball Thread


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The only reason it is 'controversy' is that the media need something to talk about/hype.

The exact same scenarios in these finals were 'uncontroversial' . They mattered less at the time and everyone declared them fine.


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Nah....they'll be a min and a max dimension surely

So different sizes then…


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Netherlands v USA putting to bed the term soccer for another four years....
Shocking de fence :laugh:


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Kyle Walker's going to neutralise Mbappe. I heard it on the commentary yesterday, so it must be true. Whatever, I'll be having a few beers and expect an enjoyable match.
Getting excited for the match and then finding Lee fecking Dixon is commentating.
Someone must have done some in depth research about the correlation in the spike of drink and drugs taken when he's commentating.Tempts me to listen to the wireless.
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