The right to protest

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... and in parallel, JSO protestors* have been given bail conditions forbidding
ANY protest on public land
(not just on the highway, or causing an obstruction, or breaking any laws).

What next - granted bail if you promise to vote for the Government?

*not Phoebe Plummer - hers was just "protest on the public highway"


No, I’m doing this.

And so are you.



Reading around the chip


The government is trying to get legislation about restricting demonstrations without the assent of the Lords. Jenny Jones has tabled a ''Fatal Motion'' to try and block this sidestepping of the democratic process. Labour aren't helping here. And the press is completely blanking the whole issue.

Well, they've done it. I think 10 Labour Lords voted againts. 170 made a "Vote of Regret" - a sort of "We didn't want this, but we're just following orders, so don't blame us!", as far as I can see.

How incredibly depressing. Not even my free "Ride to Work" coffee can cheer me up this morning. :angry:


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I’m still frothing from when the Canadian Truck drivers got their bank accounts frozen until they stopped protesting. I’d expect that in somewhere like China/Russia.
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