USA Midterms....


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It will be interesting if Murdoch and Fox drop him. What will he do?
The party seam unable to deal with him and if he stands he could get the nomination.


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Murdoch has already says he will not support trump - going with De Santis

Announcement due tonight at - I think - 9 p.m. Eastern time
which is about 2 am in the UK

I suppose we shall see


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Which begs the question, who will replace Biden to take on DeSantis?

It will be interesting to see if Kamala Harris runs.
Could Trump accept being beaten by a Black woman?
Biden would be 86 by the end of a second term, so he will be too old.
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I'm not sure Harris has done enough to gain people's confidence. She was given responsibility for the border crisis but didn't even visit it for 3 months and the problem hasn't abated. Not sure who are viable alternatives though. There probably are some decent US politicians but perhaps we don't hear of them over here.

As I've said before, it's depressing that a country the size of the US had 'best' candidates of the quality of Trump and Biden, both utterly useless in their own way.


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My wife stayed up and listened to the whole 'speech'

reckons that he seems totally deranged and delusional

Clearly some of it might be an act but she reckons he actually seems to believe the carp he spouts

Whatever happens next he has given the Republicans a huge problem - not and unexpected one - but one they probably hoped to not have to face
So - do they make him an official Republican candidate in the Primaries
or say "Nah mate - your OK - done your bit" and throw it open for DeSantis and maybe a more moderate to fight it out
Then face the possibility that trump will follow through and stand anyway

If nothing else - he is being petty and aggressive in causing this problem
The worse case is that he genuinely believes he is right - in which case he must believe 'the people' will vote for him - or that he can, and is entitled, to fiddle the result - so that a win is a sure thing
Whatever - he will not stand if he thinks he will loose
unless he wants to do so in order to punish the republicans for not properly supporting him

In any case - this is bad news
but, if you want to be optimistic, may lead to a situation where the Democrats get a big majority in both house and the Presidency and might actually get something done
but that is being optimistic and there are many other avenues that may end up being the truth
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If the last election was actually stolen then Trump remained legitimate president. That must mean a new bid for the presidency would be seeking a third term of office. :smile:


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Seems like he is hoping that all the law suits and investigations will have to stop not that he is standing

but apparently that has already been declared to be invalid
However he can use it to wind up his loyal supporters

The other thing is that now he has declared then his finances will be looked at far more closely because there are rules and limts of some kind on fund raising
But then - when has he ever considered rules as anything other than something to enforced for other people only
so the money will role in from his Base - although $deity knows how they can still afford to do it - and he will just spent it how he likes

AT the end of the day he may not intend to win - just raise money and punish the Republicans for being disloyal - or something
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